The Holy Grail Webinar

In This Powerful Webinar, we will start with some explanation about the Holy Grail, the practice and will do some Holy Grail breathing & movement exercises to prepare for the income of light and energy during the Activations.

There will be Golden Light language key code activations from God, based on this present vibration where we are on our ascension process. Your vibration will be raised your system cleared and upgraded. In the end, there will be an ascension meditation.

I would like to meet you from my heart on this special powerful healing & transforming Webinar.

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Investment: € 99,99

In This Powerful Webinar, I will sing The Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra for 47:30 min. I will play a guiding cd in the background with exactly the time of 47:30 and these numbers are holy for me beautiful synchronicity in life. This time can be needed to really feel the difference and the effect. You can sing along or just listen to it and receive the energy through my channel or system! You will feel the vibrations.

I will explain the breath of fire so you can do that in between while you are listening when you feel that the energy is dense and makes you tired. This means you need to open up your system more at that moment.

Singing or listening to the mantra is healing, clearing, and raising the vibration. It will give enlightenment and liberation from ignorance. The mantra is beneficial for mental, emotional, and physical health and is a mantra that bestows longevity and immortality. The mantra regenerates the physical body and transforms or enhances the Lightbody in oneness with the eternal soul.

“Christ, Shiva or Buddha Consciousness”

Through this mantra, I had my Christed Lion Experience and became one with the Light that we are. “The Christ”, “The King of Kings”, it Is The Inner Spirit of Joy. The Smile of God of All Creation.

The Mahamrityunjaya Mantra is used by many Rishis. A Rishi is a human being with higher consciousness and psychic abilities. This mantra is addressed to Lord Shiva who is one with the primal consciousness and represents The Holy Spirit. Whereas the Gayatri Mantra is meant for purification and spiritual guidance, the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra is meant for healing, rejuvenation, and nurturing.

There is a story about shiva saving the world by transforming poison. A beautiful power we need this day of the toxins in the world, especially with the toxins put in our food. Below is the story of Shiva.

During the churning of the ocean, a dangerous poison is emitted from the ocean. This terrified the gods and demons because the poison was so toxic that it would have destroyed all of creation. Lord Vishnu told the gods that only Lord Shiva could save them from destruction. Lord Shiva on hearing the pleas of the gods decided to swallow the poison. Goddess Parvati panicked, but he assured her that he won’t die of the poison. He stored the poison in his throat, which turned blue. Thus Lord Shiva is known as the one with a blue throat.

In this way, the blue color represents the throat chakra and the use of the word to transform energy as in singing mantra, words of healing power, and prayer.

We will start with some explanation about the practice and will do some breathing exercises to prepare for the income of light and energy during the Webinar.

I would like to meet you from my heart on this special healing & transforming Webinar.

This is a recorded webinar now for resale! To purchase this webinar PayPal me € 33.33 euros with the link below, and I will send you the link:

Investment: € 33.33

Namaste Beloved Angels of Love, Light & Grace!

This powerful kundalini webinar will bring you in alignment with Who you Are. You will be infused with Light Language DNA Key Code Activations. The threefold flame from the heart of God will be activated or amplified. We will work with Holy Ascension Flames, the Angels, and light masters from The cosmic rays.

The meditation focuses on the foundation of the 7 Rainbow chakras, the energy centers positioned in the spine. These are connected to the cosmic rays. This meditation activates the kundalini and helps to balance and guide it through the body. Codes that are blocking the flow of the kundalini will be released. The chanting will be on basic and on higher dimensional sound vibrations to activate and integrate your fifth or higher dimensional light body or higher Chakra system. To unify into The One!

One Love, One Life, One Spirit!

The exercises relax the mind, balances emotions energize, and renew the body. It involves listening to the chanting of the chakra mantras (seed sounds) and guiding the listener in a visualization of the kundalini energy filling the chakras with the golden energy of the holy spirit. There will be a replay available with more explanations about the chants and I will guide you Step by Step through the process so you can do this at home.

If you are ready to join me in this powerful transformational transmission with healing, amplifying & activating codes. By the resale with the link below.

Investment: € 99.99

This is a recorded webinar now for resale! To purchase this webinar PayPal me € 99.99 euros with the link below, and I will send you the link.

Testimonial The kundalini Webinar

Wow, William…this webinar was a journey like I’ve not been on. I had energy come in so intense I was somewhere else. I could feel the energies.
I felt activity with each chakra. I will continue this webinar often. High chakras aren’t open yet but I intend they will.
This is my first gathering with you. I have noticed you and Keleena (apologies if the spelling is incorrect)
Energies are integrating
I loved the webinar. I’m happy I found you.
Thank you for this incredible webinar and Thank you both for all you are doing for Humanity, Mother Earth, and the Universe


The Sword of Michael Webinar

In this 2 hour webinar, we receive Light DNA Key Code Activations, through Light Language, light Prayers from Primal Source Consciousness of Creation, God/Goddess/Spirit, The Great I Am presence!

There can be movements, seeing color, hearing sound, and feelings of energy moving through your body. This will lead to higher vibrational awareness and consciousness.

This webinar is for men and women to bring them back into their power and sovereignty as Christ or Crystalline Beings!

We are here as an instrument in the hands of the Divine Primal Source of Creation, God/Goddess/Spirit, who through The Spiritual, Cosmic and Planetary Hierarchy sends through us the Divine Power for transformation for our Creation in love, Light and Grace in Alignment with All that Is.

This is a recorded webinar now for resale! To purchase this webinar PayPal me € 99.99 euros with the link below, and I will send you the link:

Testimonial Sword of Michael Webinar

This webinar was very powerful. The first 20 minutes of it knocked me out completely- William’s voice was activating and sent me to a deep sleep quickly. After waking up, I caught the remainder where I could feel my chakras not only clearing but getting new codes for an upgrade— many sensations and beautiful light came through.
After the webinar, I told a friend that I felt a shift in my effect as I was very low in the weeks prior. It was as though I got the reset I needed to continue forward and refocus myself in my current ascension journey.
I highly recommend working with William. He brings in the quick decisive masculine energy needed to help align you as well as the gentle fatherly energy to support you through in his healings.