Copper Energizing Pyramides

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Custom made meditation pyramid energized and made by hand by William Melchizedek.

5x5w/out activated crystal € 300

5×5 w/medium activated clear quartz crystal. €333

6×6 w/out activated crystal € 400

6×6 w/medium activated clear quartz crystal. € 444

Paypal the amount what the size piramid will cost plus shipping cost. Shipping will be calculated based on your location.

The Next Pyramide sizes are only for pickups

7×7 w/out activated crystal € 444

7×7 w/medium activated clear quartz crystal. € 500

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If you wish for Earth temple plates under the corners, See below this is William’s designs, to add them for more activating power. Local delivery and one-hour set up in the home available. Let us know and he can start on it immediately with a deposit.

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Earth Temple Plates

The 9″by 9″ Earth Temple has the ability to work directly on the subconscious mind. This is important because your subconscious mind creates 95% of your reality. It activates your subconscious mind to purify and bringing it into unity with the DNA of mother earth. This gives a physical and energetic healing of your bodies. It is like a vortex, a earth chakra, which increases the vibration of the environment. It harmonizes and neutralizes, negative or disbalanced energy fields or radiation from WiFi, earth rays and water veins.

The energy healing of the earth temple and its harmonizing effect on the environment comes as a divine life energy through the earth temple through a beautiful divine system from the primordial source. This will touch and remove posible energy blockages. The will of God (higher self) is done. The highest light conducted! The earth temple energy only functions as a channel for guiding the universal Divine life energy. You are charged with it and strengthened by it. You feel the beautiful soft light and love energy from the primordial source.

9 x 9 ” square € 30.00/ea plus shipping

15 x 15 ” circle € 90.00/ea plus shipping

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(Shipping cost based on your location.)

Goddess Hathor/Isis Scepter

This “Goddess Hathor/Isis” 5.5 feet scepter is created and custom hand-made by William Melchizedek. William has been a Sacred Geometry Artist since 2005 utilizing copper and crystals for his creations. Some of his geometry creations are 12’ feet by 10’ being utilized in healing centers and wellness places. Some are also used in sacred gardens elevating the levels of frequency. William is also a multidimensional quantum energy healer, energizer, and activator of crystals as well as a light language activator and ascension teacher. William has activated this staff with energies of RA through Osiris for ceremony work and utilization with kundalini work. William’s partner Keleena Malnar is a Sister of the Rose blu-ray working on and with the Rose Ray of divine love and peace. She is also a Multidimensional Quantum Energy Healer, Activator of all Light Languages, Intuitive Artist, Ascension Wayshower/Spiritual Guide, and more. Keleena has activated the staff for use during ceremonies with the energies of Goddesses Hathor through Isis’s work, as well as for kundalini energy work. This staff is created in loving vibration and contains over 65 hours of artist crafting time. It is now available for sale. Thi

s is suggested only for those that know how to use it as it is very powerful! Smaller staffs coming soon. Custom staffs made to your liking.

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