Satsang comes from Sanskrit and freely translated means ‘gathering in truth’, speaking, listening, and above all experiencing truth.

Light Language or The language of God and the Angels. It is a language that is of geometry, symbols, and sounds that have healing, empowering, and activating abilities. Your DNA cells literally will light up!

Starts at: 11 am till 17 am CET Timezone, the Netherlands

Seat`s are limited like max 6 people!

William works with God/Goddess/Spirit, Christ Light, The Holy Spirit, Father Melchizedek, The Angels, and The Ascended Masters, Sisters & Brothers of light to initiate and activate The Christ Michael Melchizedek Brothers & Sisters of The Rose.
“The Christ Templars”
I Am Will I Am Melchizedek
“Know Thy Self”
“Thy Will Be Done”
“As Above so Below, As Within so Without”

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Testimonial from Tamara:

So grateful for this wonderful day with William Melchizedek and the beautiful sisters!

We had a full afternoon of Satsang.. connecting to Truth, to Mother/Father God and Mother Earth, to our true Selves ♡

so many synchronicities we experienced, lots of wisdom, healings, and sharings 💗💗

And LOTS of laughter! 😄🥳🌞🤗

Thank you William, Rebeca Clavero, Irene Haket, and Talia Lo-Re Ma💗

Testimonial Natalia: Talia Lo-Re Ma

It was an amazing Day! Thank you so much Tamara Tempel van Sophia &William Melchizedek for this great experience and lovely meeting🙏💛Namaste

Testimonial Rebecca Clavero:

Loved every minute of it. Thank you Tamara Tempel van Sophia, Irene Haket and Talia Lo-Re Ma for the sisterhood bond and connection. Thank you William Melchizedek for your wisdom and presence🙏🦁❤️ love you all