I AM Crystalline Kundalini Activation Workshop

Who are you? What are you? Why Are You? Where are you?

Experience The I Am Presence Crystalline Lightbody or Merkaba Kundalini Activation through Light Language with Will I Am Michael Melchizedek. 

✨Personal Crystalline Merkaba Activation and Upgrading your Crystalline energy system. 

✨Healing & Clearing of your Energy Field.

✨Bring forth your feminine and masculine inner child wounds for healing and wholeness.

William is a super sensitive Heyoka empath and a conduit locating blocks on your 7 chakra points and different areas of your energy system. He will assist you in seeing your wounded reflections and projections to heal your relationships and your ascension process, returning you as your Divine I AM Source Self.  His goal is to heal & teach you to master your mirror reflections. 

Through Light language DNA activations and other healing modalities, he will help you to activate, clear, and balance your subtle energy bodies. Please know you will go through a transformation after this session.

 “Know Thy Self” “So Above So Below” “So Within, So Without” 

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✨ *Energy exchange: €33*

He also offers private 1:1 sessions.

Please secure your spot (limited spots) and send a message to +31617994335

Satsang comes from Sanskrit and, freely translated it means ‘gathering in truth’, speaking, listening, and above all experiencing truth.

Light Language or The language of God and the Angels. It is a language that is of geometry, symbols, and sounds that have healing, empowering, and activating abilities. Your DNA cells literally will light up!

Starts at: 11 am and till 17 am CET Timezone, the Netherlands

Seats are limited like max 6 people!

William works with God/Goddess/Spirit, Christ Light, The Holy Spirit, Father Melchizedek, The Angels, and The Ascended Masters, Sisters & Brothers of light to initiate and activate The Christ Michael Melchizedek Brothers & Sisters of The Rose.
“The Christ Templars”
I Am Will I Am Melchizedek
“Know Thy Self”
“Thy Will Be Done”
“As Above so Below, As Within so Without”

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Testimonial from Tamara:

So grateful for this wonderful day with William Melchizedek and the beautiful sisters!

We had a full afternoon of Satsang.. connecting to Truth, to Mother/Father God and Mother Earth, to our true Selves ♡

so many synchronicities we experienced, lots of wisdom, healings, and sharings 💗💗

And LOTS of laughter! 😄🥳🌞🤗

Thank you, William, Rebeca Clavero, Irene Haket, and Talia Lo-Re Ma💗

Testimonial Natalia: Talia Lo-Re Ma

It was an amazing Day! Thank you so much Tamara Tempel van Sophia &William Melchizedek for this great experience and lovely meeting🙏💛Namaste

Testimonial Rebecca Clavero:

Loved every minute of it. Thank you, Tamara Tempel van Sophia, Irene Haket, and Talia Lo-Re Ma for the sisterhood bond and connection. Thank you William Melchizedek for your wisdom and presence🙏🦁❤️ love you all