I Am

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William Melchizedek

“I AM” is The heart of The Cosmic Creator, “Abwoon”

William received a vision at a very early age of three years old. This vision was a fortress where people came together during a chaotic period. After this period ended, the people in the fortress that survived, worked together to restore mother earth to her paradise state.

At 17, William had a more profound awakening through the connection with the Divine Father, the power of thought. Yet with this, karma also set in for his journey of clearing for his ascension. The Holy Spirit as The Divine Mother did her work reflecting him to lead him home.

In 2003 at only 25, he built a spiritual center in the Netherlands where he taught divine yoga, conducted meditations and other spiritual ascension practices. For his center, William created a large-scaled third-dimensional cube of Metatron to activate his own Merkaba,(Lightbody)in 2005 and others. This was part of his vision of the fortress coming to life.

When William started speaking Light Language in 2005, he began utilizing it to activate clients and other people to bring them into a higher state of consciousness.

William has been guided by Lady Michael(Nada) and lord Michael(Sananda) his entire life and knew that this life, was about finding true unconditional love. He discovered the twin flame path and experienced these findings in his own life and journey.

William is a Quantum Energy Healer, Light Language Activator, and Christ Michael Melchizedek initiator/activator for souls to receive more love light from source for their ascension process. He is also a Divine Yoga Instructor and has studied several martial arts throughout his lifetime. Through his healings, he restores the connection to Source through the heart of creation in faith.

William works in Unity with God/Goddess/Spirit, Christ, The Holy Spirit, Father Melchizedek, The Angels, and The Sisters & Brothers of light to conduct workshops, events to initiate, and activate The Christ Michael Melchizedek Brothers & Sisters The Rose of love & light.

I Am Will I Am Melchizedek

“Know Thy Self”

“Thy Will Be Done”

“As Above so Below, As Within so Without”

“Ohm Namah Shivaya”
“Abwoon d’bwashmaya”