“I AM Webinar”

Online Introduction Lecture & Interactive Workshop with the “I AM (Christ) Presence”

This is an Interactive Introduction Webinar to the “I AM Presence”, Crystalline(Christ) Light Body, and Angelic Light Language. Answers to life’s questions: Who are you? Why are you? What are you? Where are you? These are essential for healing, inner peace, and understanding of God`s creation & journey, your journey.

The first expression in the creation of the self is a presence of love, light, and compassion. William will explain why and this may give you a new understanding of how your system is connected. New activations, possible healings, and clearings will take place. Self-realization is “I AM That I AM” In this event, you experience through Acknowledgments Decrees the “I AM” system in simplicity and a powerful alignment with Father/Mother Sun & Mother/Father Earth.

Experience the “I Am Christ Presence” through Angelic Light Language with Will I Am Melchizedek. Personal Crystalline(Christ) Light Body and Light Language Activation and expansion, possible Kundalini activation, possible healing, and purification of your energy system.

There will be an introduction to the “I Am” Breath for alignment, The Divine or God Breath for manifestation and The Lion & Dragon Breath of Fire for purification. This Activation and expansion will clear and expand your Crystalline(Christ) Light body. Balance your feminine and masculine energy, heal your inner child’s relationship with Father & Mother Spirit to wholeness, and observe in joy again as a child/baby.

William had a dream from 3 years old about the transformation on earth and the activation of our light bodies. The Melchizedeks are assisting humanity and earth to become Human Angels of light and to preserve the awareness of The “I AM Presence”. He has done a lot of lightwork or gridwork around the globe to activate Crystalline or Christ’s light and ground it into the New crystalline(Christ) grid. He has lived in and worked in and for the United States like Sedona and has given sessions and workshops in different places like Glastonbury, Roslynn Chapel, Ibiza, Costa Rica, South of France, Sedona, and Mount Shasta. Those are strong energy points in the grid of Mother Earth. He received codes to spread and radiate them into the world, also for humans to receive in his presence. He has been anointed as a representative of Christ as a Melchizedek. Know that William, as many souls do, incarnate to take on karma and to transform karma in service for The God Self and the collective as a Human Being. No (Physical) Body is perfect and it is perfect as it IS. William is a sensitive empathetic soul and a conductor of Divine energies, locating your energy flow in your system at your 7 chakra points, vortexes of light. Bringing it down to One Chakra. He will assist you in seeing your reflections and projections to heal your relationships with yourself for your ascension process, and return you to your Divine “I AM” God Source Self. Its purpose is to make you experience seeing and observing your mirror reflections. Through the Golden Light Language, the love of God is Go(Love)d-en light, DNA Key Code Activations, and other healing modalities, he will help you activate, clear, and balance your subtle energy bodies. Know that after this session you will go through a transformation.

“Know Thyself” “As Above So Below” “As Within, So Without”

Where: Online
When: Sunday, 8 October, from 17:00 PM to 19:00 PM, The Netherlands

Energy exchange: €33

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Namaste William Melchizedek

I Am Will I Am Melchizedek

Spirit of All that IS – The Great Void – Primal Source Consciousness – Existence It-Self

I – Personality, Spirit, Father God, Will, IS Power & Love Consciousness

Am – Beingness, Spirit, Christ, Mother Goddess, Will, IS Power, Love, Light & Grace Consciousness

Will – Christ Child Spirit, Michael, IS Creative Expression of I Am, Will, Love, Light, Grace, Power & Wisdom

I Am – Father/Mother God/Goddess Spirit/Holy Spirit

Melchizedek/Christ Michael

Mel – “Immanuel”, “God is with us”

Chi – “Life”

Zedek – “Righteousness”