Crystalline Healing Webinar

In this 1.5-hour webinar, we receive Light DNA Key Code Activations, through Light Language, light Prayers from Primal Source Consciousness of Creation, God/Goddess/Spirit, and The Great I Am presence!

There can be movements, seeing color, hearing sound, and feelings of energy moving through your body. This will lead to higher vibrational awareness and consciousness.

This webinar is for men and women to bring them back into their power and sovereignty as Christ or Crystalline Beings!

We are here as an instrument in the hands of the Divine Primal Source of Creation, God/Goddess/Spirit, who through The Spiritual, Cosmic, and Planetary Circular Hierarchy of vibration sends through us the Divine Power for the transformation of our Creation into Love, Light, and Grace in Alignment with All that Is.

This is a recorded webinar now for resale! To purchase this webinar PayPal me € 13.00 euros with the link below, and I will send you the link. Only available through a Gmail email address:

Testimonial Sword of Michael Webinar

This webinar was very powerful. The first 20 minutes of it knocked me out completely- William’s voice was activating and sent me to a deep sleep quickly. After waking up, I caught the remainder where I could feel my chakras not only clearing but getting new codes for an upgrade— many sensations and beautiful light came through.
After the webinar, I told a friend that I felt a shift in my effect as I was very low in the weeks prior. It was as though I got the reset I needed to continue forward and refocus myself in my current ascension journey.
I highly recommend working with William. He brings in the quick decisive masculine energy needed to help align you as well as the gentle fatherly energy to support you through in his healings.


Twin Mirror Reflections Energy Healing Session

William Michael Melchizedek & Keleena Malnar

In this 1.5-hour session, Keleena and William work together to assist you in seeing and bringing forth your feminine and masculine inner wounds for healing. Both Keleena and William are super sensitive heyoka empaths and full-body conduits that become your energy during the session, locating blocks on your chakra points and different areas of your physical and subtle bodies to assist with releasing that which you have been holding onto. They will assist you in seeing your wounded reflections/projections to heal for movement forward in your relationships and your ascension process, returning you as your divine I AM source self.  Their goal is to heal & teach you to master your mirror reflections. Light language DNA activations and many other healing modalities will be performed to clear your subtle energy bodies. Keleena also has the ability to enter your subconscious, which holds your wounds still held in your DNA. Please know you will go through transformation after this session.

You may come to this session alone or with your partner. Please bring your questions. 

Energy Exchange $333

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I Am Will I Am Melchizedek

Spirit of All that IS – The Great Void – Primal Source Consciousness – Existence It-Self

I – Personality, Spirit, Father God, Will, IS Power & Love Consciousness

Am – Beingness, Spirit, Christ, Mother Goddess, Will, IS Power, Love, Light & Grace Consciousness

Will – Christ Child Spirit, Michael, IS Creative Expression of I Am, Will, Love, Light, Grace, Power & Wisdom

I Am – Father/Mother God/Goddess Spirit/Holy Spirit

Melchizedek/Christ Michael

Mel – “Immanuel”, “God is with us”

Chi – “Life”

Zedek – “Righteousness”