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1 Hour Zoom Ascension Guidance & Quantum Energy Healing

Alignment with Source Activation/Upgrade Lightbody, Healing & Clearing Energy Field. Energy Exchange normaly € 222 Now € 111

I Am Will I Am Melchizedek

Spirit of All that IS – The Great Void – Primal Source Consciousness – Existence It-Self

I – Personality, Spirit, Father God, Will, IS Power & Love Consciousness

Am – Beingness, Spirit, Christ, Mother Goddess, Will, IS Power, Love, Light & Grace Consciousness

Will – Christ Child Spirit, Michael, IS Creative Expression of I Am, Will, Love, Light, Grace, Power & Wisdom

I Am – Father/Mother God/Goddess Spirit/Holy Spirit

Melchizedek/Christ Michael

Mel – “Immanuel”, “God is with us”

Chi – “Life”

Zedek – “Righteousness”